“We have to use CRM software to catch up with Europe in efficiency and quality.”

Yuchisoft Founder Samet Soylar: “Our customers using our CRM software can keep the entire business under control, the company owners do not have to be buried in the business. By following the current data, employee behaviors, business processes and customer demands, they gain the ability to see the smallest business mistakes and create a controlled growth strategy in their business.”

One of the indispensable components of digital transformation is software solutions. Business processes in our age are completely different from traditional processes and businesses that want to adopt digital solution supported business models, which are the necessity of the age, to provide fast and continuous service to customers with the same quality, and to maintain complex business processes without any problems and errors, want to control their business processes with various software. At this point, the most important problems are tied to cost and company-specific solutions. We met with Samet Soylar, the founder of the company, at the stand of Yuchisoft, a local software company operating in Tübitak, which participated in Sign Istanbul 2019 and offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and WebToPrint solutions.

What does Yuchisoft do? What solutions do you offer to your customers?

As Yuchisoft, our service areas are transpromo document (variable data printing) production, business automation systems, campaign management systems, digital archive and workflow design processes. Production of credit card statements, insurance policies, telephone bills and documents containing variable data in government institutions through different channels through the automation system; campaign management on documents; We are a company that develops software in the fields of sharing documents with customers through alternative channels (digital or printed) and digital archives. At the same time, we are the Turkey distributor of Canadian origin Objectif Lune Company.

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Initially, Provus, Postkom, PTT, Mastercard, Koç System, Bileşim etc. We were working with companies that process large volumes of data, process transpromo documents with variable data and send them to customers in print and digital media.

While doing business in the upper segment, we realized that medium-sized and small-scale printing centers also need us not in terms of variable printing application, but in terms of managing the work, process and staff. We have developed CRM and WebToPrint Systems for digital printing centers and printing houses. After a job is transferred to the company's computer digitally, from the customer representative, the graphic designer, operator, printing, binding, cashier and cargo steps can be followed end-to-end, they can follow the stock, send offers to their customers with stock tracking, which job they do in how long. We have created a system where all processes, such as which staff spent how long with that job, can be archived and kept in the system, and the same job can be called later from the archive system and produced with the same features. When such a system is not established, repeated unnecessary communications with customers and staff, repetitive pressures, etc. Due to these reasons, there is great loss of work and time.

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Save up to 40%

What does your CRM software bring to customers?

Today, there are no jobs where 'grocery account' is done with pen and paper. Businesses that want to grow need to take control of their business with such software. If you say you are after digital transformation and you are investing in machinery, you have to solve the other pillar of it, CRM. There are medium and large-sized companies among the companies we serve. They tell us: “We have about forty percent of our own fugitives, and we just realized that.” In a business where dozens of works are done a day, who does what, in how much time, etc. can be overlooked. In this way, we developed our digital printing CRM solution for medium and large-sized companies, as well as our WebToPrint solution. We are developing special WebToPrint systems, especially for advertising agencies and digital printing centers, where they will work with their corporate customers (B2B). We have a history of about 10 years. We have customers that we serve from large-scale companies to small-scale companies. Unfortunately, company owners and decision-making managers have not fully grasped the importance of the software part of their business. We can see how quickly companies that have already attained this awareness can get ahead of their competitors. If the standardization of the printing processes with the same quality and customer satisfaction was only possible with the investment of machinery, many large-volume printing centers would not have to close their companies today. Companies that can buy a machine worth 1 million euros do not want to buy a software worth 10 thousand - 20 thousand euros, where they can keep the entire system under control. At that cost, they can keep the entire business under control, so the company owners don't have to be buried in the business. They can spend more time on their core business and achieve controlled growth in their business. If you want to create an effective future business strategy, you need to analyze your current business processes and volume well and make the right decisions at the right time. A good analysis can only be made through a system where your customer and staff behavior is recorded. This is how companies work in Europe. We need to work with CRM software to catch up with your competitors in efficiency and quality.

Web2Print Solution

What is your solution on the WebToPrint side?

Our WebToPrint system is not a system where the end user can order online. It is used for customers of digital print centers working with corporate customers. A system where your corporate customers can order all printed documents (business cards, letterheads, posters, brochures, etc.) as personalized if desired, and where they can print error-free after control and approval processes.

Are there customers in our industry?

Taze Baskı Merkezi in Istanbul uses our software. We want all printing centers to work as required by the age. Companies are trying to solve this problem with non-corporate software developers, I heard complaints about software developers who worked for a while and then disappeared. In our opinion, the most important issue after the completion of the project is software support, finding a corporate interlocutor when necessary. In particular, our idea of developing a local software for printing centers, the cost of software that can manage this process abroad, and the lack of Turkish language support encouraged us to produce solutions. In addition, products of foreign origin unfortunately do not allow for any customization by our companies. One of our strengths is that we can make customizations specific to your company. Our ability to work integrated with your existing systems. Our aim is to help our companies serving in the printing industry in our country to integrate the technological approaches required by the age into their business processes and to increase their competitiveness.