Print Centers Process Management Software" Training Program Was Held

Marmara University School of Applied Sciences Printing Technologies Club held the "Print Centers Process Management Software" training program on April 15-16-28-30 and May 5-7, 2021 under the leadership of Samet Soylar. In the program sponsored by Yuchisoft, Samet Soylar informed the participants about Print Flow Software.

Process management consists of stages that include activities such as organizing interconnected processes within the framework of companies' activities, storing documents and making performance measurements.

In his speech, Samet Soylar talked about how to calculate product cost in Print Flow software. Explaining that the program makes two types of calculations for the customer management tab, which is one of the sub-branches of the Print Flow system, and how we can print more in sheet printing, he also mentioned that there are small coding parts in the program to enter data. It was said that new customers can be added from the customer management section and an update process can be made for existing customers.

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In the proposal module, it was stated that we were able to turn proposals into business, and that there were two business lines in the business line section, dynamic and static. It is stated that the work inside the static pipeline passes through all the fixed steps. From the machine management section, it is explained that we can edit the machines on the system or add new machines. Thanks to the convenience provided by the software, a faster and more efficient workflow will be realized, and such a useful program aims to convey experiences and information to each participant. Students who have completed the Printing Centers Process Management Software Certificate of Participation training program will be presented with their certificates of participation on Thursday, May 20.