"The Power of Digital Transformation and Automation in Business Processes” Seminar was Held

Marmara University School of Applied Sciences Printing Technologies Club, with the contributions of Yuchisoft, on January 20; held a seminar on “print centers, digital transformation and phygital marketing”. Yuchisoft CEO Samet Soylar, who attended the seminar as a speaker, gave valuable information on the subject.

In the seminar; Information was given on the integration of digitalization, which is a result of technological developments, into today's business life. The concept of phygital, which emerged with the increasing interest in e-commerce; While it was stated that it was created with the combination of the words physical and digital, it was mentioned that as a result of this increasing popularity, brands set policies that will combine the physical and digital world between their consumers and their products. In addition, standardization; It was emphasized that it plays an important role in bringing customer satisfaction to the highest level.

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