It Is Time to Digitalization for Packaging + Labels + Digital + Offset Printing Centers

Control your entire workflow Organize your processes, Take control of your productions, Save costs on a single platform!

Print Flow - Print Process Management System

Samet Soylar – Yuchisoft & CEO

The concept of "Digital Transformation", which consists of two magic words that we often hear today, shows effective results in transforming traditional business processes into customer-oriented business processes with high added value, if applied correctly not only in large companies but also in small and medium-sized enterprises.

As a result of correctly implemented transformation plans, businesses, regardless of large or small, can adapt to the future more easily and faster and easily get ahead of their competitors.

Howard King writes in an article in The Guardian: “The business world does not change according to preferences because it is expensive and risky. Businesses go through transformation when they cannot evolve.”

“Companies that want to be successful must understand how to combine technology with strategy. ”


With Print Flow, Yuchisoft's print process management software solution, it is now possible to manage all your employees, leads, accounts, sales line, customer activities and enterprise resource planning from a single platform. Print Flow provides end-to-end uninterrupted, anytime and anywhere access to manage processes for small, medium and large-scale print centers.

Why Print Flow?

Provides Time and Cost Savings for Packaging + Label + Digital + Offset Printing Centers
- No more calculating and taking orders with pen and paper.
- Put an end to false or repetitive pressures caused by the lack of communication between departments.
- It's time to measure the real performance of all your employees with effective workforce management and reporting.
- Standardize product quality, take customer satisfaction to the next level.
- Check all the details of the work you did 1 month or 1 year ago with a single click.
- Measure your real value in the eyes of your customers and make a positive contribution to your branding processes.
- Save time and cost.

It offers the most appropriate use for you in line with your financial planning and strategy. You can access the system with a user-based monthly rental model or a purchase option.

In accordance with the dynamics of each printing center, special business lines and the steps of these business lines are dynamically created on the system.

Thanks to the system hybrid architecture, it enables printing centers with multiple branches to monitor and control the business processes in all branches through a single system.

Print Flow can respond to all your authorization requests if you want a user to be able to login to the system but not be able to perform every operation and use the system within certain authorization limits, or if you want authorization restrictions for the user groups you will create. It fulfills the coordination between the units completely with its detailed authorization infrastructure for mobile or web usage.

After the job is added to the system digitally, you can follow all the steps (Customer Representative, Graphic Designer, Printing, Binding, Contract, Quality Control, Delivery Management, Accounting, etc.) from end to end without interruption.The start-end dates of all steps in the work line you have determined for your business processes, by which personnel(s), etc. you can access information through the system.

Regardless of your financial strategy, effective customer communication is possible with effective customer interaction.You can create an offer form for your customers through the system, share this form with the customer, and turn the items on the offer into business according to the response from your customer.At the same time, you can get offers from the suppliers you work with through the system.

All data and business details of the service you provide to your customers are archived on the system.

- Job description, design, production files,

- Job Information,

- Job Details,

- Used stock types,

- Printing, cutting etc. machine information used,

- Delivery, assembly and shipping information

Print Flow ensures that all steps from the digital addition of the job to the system until it reaches the customer are tracked via web and mobile application. After your field staff leave your company, you can use the mobile application for shipment and assembly steps;

- Can access the content of the customer and the business

- While completing the process, it can take photos of the relevant delivery or assembly on the system.

- If there is a problem with the process, it can create a description of the problem through the mobile application.

- It can receive the customer's digital signature when it delivers

- Can complete the job incorrectly or correctly

It provides easy access to all the reports you need to create your future strategy and measure operational efficiency. Personnel, Stock, Efficiency, Performance, Turnover etc. reports are added to the system when needed and ready for use.

Thanks to the dynamic calculation module, Print Flow dynamically calculates costs on both product and stock basis. Calculations made manually or via complex excel files can be done flexibly automatically via the system.

In this way, all information is instantly monitored by the manager or representatives before the field staff completes the job and returns to your company. After each delivery, shipment or assembly, a form is created on the system and shared with the customer. Print Flow keeps all the financial details of the job in the system. It provides easy and flexible integration of financial information with the accounting program you use. It significantly reduces the workload of financial staff who enter the cost calculation of the work into the system through the written work order forms.

In order to eliminate the processes caused by the lack of communication in business processes, we enable system users to communicate with each other live. We increase efficiency and performance by reducing unnecessary phone and e-mail traffic among staff.

All machine types used in your company are added to the system dynamically. Machine performances, print production numbers and logs, machine-based cost calculations are flexibly managed through the system. In the light of this data, it is ensured that which machine you should use on a work basis or that the workload on the machine is controlled.

It is an online survey application developed for you to create dynamic surveys for your customers and to evaluate all the responses from the participants in real time. You can see the results of the answers given by your customers statistically and examine customer opinions and suggestions. With the system, you can have the chance to measure the real value of your brand awareness and service quality in the eyes of the end user.

Yuchisoft continues its R&D studies to help companies become faster and more efficient companies with operational excellence while improving the customer experience. Our company, which operates in the Tübitak Martek Campus, has received a TPE (Technological Product Experience) certificate with the software solutions it has developed.