High Volume Document Archive

The Flex Archive system automatically converts all digital and printed files in FAS format and converts them into compressed, searchable and indexed documents. Files suitable for long-term archiving are high visual quality and small size. It can be easily read on different electronic devices, easily accessed from remote locations and centrally archived in digital libraries, electronic archives or Document Management Systems (DMS). Fast and “anywhere” access to digitally stored business documents (with defined access rights) significantly speed up your business processes and increase company efficiency.

Fast and Anywhere

Seamless Integration

Highly Scalable Impression

Any Document

Online Accessibility and Search Functions

Operational Security

Flexible Storage Time

Fast and Anywhere

Important business documents, such as digital and printed documents, digital files in multimedia and visual format, can achieve significant volumes and receive valuable and expensive storage space over time. In addition, manually searching for relevant data may consume the uncounted amount of employee time. The Flex Archive solution helps organizations save disk storage costs, reduce work hours and significantly speed up business processes by transforming business documents into electronically archived, efficiently managed and easily accessible digital records.