Omni Channel Marketing & Campaign Management

(Email, Direct Marketing, SMS and Social Media)

Flex CMS provides a perfect customer experience by using all distribution and communication channels in an integrated and seamless manner. Flex CMS is designed to help you easily identify and manage marketing campaigns and deliver the right message to the right person from the right channel. It is a web-based e-mail marketing solution that can help businesses add new subscribers, send e-mail newsletters and produce various reports. Suitable for businesses of all sizes.
(Email, Direct Marketing, SMS and Social Media)

Manage Campaign Workflows

Target the Right Customer

Scheduled Campaign Submission

LDAP / Roles/ Security

Easily Customizable

API & WebService Integration

Test the Prepared Campaign

Using Omni Channel Communication

Email Attachment

Submit a Conditional Campaign

Monitor the Campaign Process Instantly

Report & Analyze Campaign Results

Easy Access to Customer Data & Data Processing

Real-time Campaign Measurement and Benchmarking

Design Omni Channel Campaigns

Easy to Use WYSIWYG Content Creation Editor

Omni Channel Communication

Nowadays, audiences travel seamlessly across desktops, smartphones, physical stores, social media platforms and more to browse products and services. A strong presence in social media is becoming increasingly important for communication between companies and customers. The Omni Channel approach brings the customer to the center of strategy. Digital customers use multiple channels at the same time and expect consistency. You can manage the campaign process via SMS, Email, Direct Mail, Facebook and Twitter. Marketing analytics provides a variety of statistics to marketers to see how many people a campaign has reached, the most effective content in converting to potential customers, and what products and services tend to sell more as a result of a marketing campaign. Beyond the open selling practice, marketing analytics can offer deep insights into customer preferences and trends. All this data allows marketers to view and apply information in real time.