Dynamic Message Management

Dynamic Message Management System for Sales and Marketing Teams

You can define dynamic message fields within your designs you create in PReS Designer, add video and visual messages, define the validity period and condition for your messages, so that you can submit the message or information you want to your customers regardless of the design.

User Based Management

Video Messages

Visual Messages

Text Messages

Rule Set

Validation Date Check

Preview and Approval Processes

New Generation Marketing

A lot has changed in the world, including the advertising industry, since billboards and flyers. The most obvious of these changes is that we now have a digital world created by humanity as well as our real world. With the development of personal computers, the personalized digital environment evolved rapidly inevitably. Only in a quarter of a century, our personal computers have become a place we can easily carry in our handheld, and their accessibility has created new areas for advertising. The biggest feature of digital marketing is that you can instantly measure the effect of this on customers and users in every application and step you make. While traditional methods can fail to understand that your advertising strategy is wrong when business fails, errors in digital marketing can be noticed and compensated through real-time monitoring.